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Design case
Shenzhen Galaxy The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Kempinski Hotel Ningxia
Howard Johnson Jiaxing Changsha
Century Huatian Hotel Beijing
Jincheng Haitian Hotel
Tianrui Foquan State Guesthouse In Henan
Shanxi Datong Yungang Holiday Hotel
Weiyuan International Hotel Shaoyang
Yunnan Haigeng Convention Centre
Shenzhen Civic Center
The Performance Center Of Qingdao Ocean Spring Resort
Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong ICP Preparation of No. 05016715
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Floor 11, 12, 13, Building A , Chuang Lingtong Science and Technology Building .No. 1, Shihua road, Futian Bonded Zone, Shenzhen, China
Telephone number:+86-0755-82525628
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