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Company Profile
  Source:金沙游艺场9159 Data:2016-11-18

Company Profile


Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd., with the abbreviation of Shenzhuang Group, was established in Shenzhen by 20,000 engineers retired from army in Sep., 1986, approved by the Ministry of Construction of China as the first division contractor for interior fitting-out work and design, building curtain wall construction and design, certificated by ISO9001quality control, ISO14001environmental management, GB/T28001occupational health and safety management, which is the first units who had received the certification of national green decoration as well as one of the units to draft the standard of it, whose business has covered the whole country and developed at abroad.  

Shenzhuang Group is the test unit for China state-owned enterprise reform in Shenzhen, Well-known for her stable operation, up going achievement and balanced management in the field of decoration, which has become the leader since she has received Luban award and national building decoration project award as well as the award of national science and technology demonstration project for more than 100 times, more over several hundreds of the best quality awards in the past 31 years for her outstanding performance in the fitting-out or curtain wall construction projects of national or municipal buildings, five-star hotelspublic traffic, house refining decoration for famous real estate developer. Laurelled with titles of the prominent contribution company in Chinese decoration for the latest 30 years since Chinahas performed the Reform and Open Policy and the Best Trustable Enterprise of Guangdong Province in the latest successive 10 years, Shenzhuang Group is the only company which has been awarded the most for Luban and National Building Decoration Project. As one of the earliest companies to receive the title of the Famous Brand of Shenzhen andChinain the field of decoration, Shenzhuang Group has successively ranked the list of top 100 decoration units inChinafor 14 years, with her growing power of influence.

Shenzhuang Group experienced the following three developing-strategy stages in the past 30 years: pioneering, stabilizing and innovative operation. In the first stage, she pioneered ‘One Company, Two Systems’, aiming at exploring market over the whole country and strengthening her own business in the earliest 12 years. In the second stage, she stabilized her developing momentum and proposed a long-term goal to be a mature and harmonious company, focusing on the construction process in every project to create a win-win customer relationship, in which she grew up through the changes from a test unit to a group company. Moreover, Shenzhuang Group realized her industrial transformation in the following key actions: set up Chizhou Shenzhuang Group Industrial Park to be the manufactory (in Anhui province), build a partner relationship with some universities in Yangtze River delta to do research and development, distinctly position herself in the whole decoration market of Global and realize an innovative economic growth.

Shenzhuang Group is an experienced fitting-out contractor with scientific construction management and innovative construction technology since she has attracted 200 national registered constructors to join and shape an excellent, strong construction team. Moreover, she has published her own handbook named ‘The Construction Technology Standard of Shenzhuang Group’, which has improved the standard ofChinaand reached the international standard. Currently, Shenzhuang Group own dozens of patents and breaks over ten innovation records of Shenzhen andGuangdongprovince. In the latest years, Shenzhuang Group committed herself to innovate and make research on novel materials, construction and technologies, drastically met the goal to ‘refine design, lessen pollution, reduce cost and shorten construction period’which has performed very well in practice.

Shenzhuang Group is a professional and integrated fitting-out contractor on interior, building curtain wall, steel structure, MEPintelligentized installation etc., with her own design and research institute, curtain wall company, labor management company and decoration project management company, whose Chizhou Shenzhuang Group Industrial Park involves the woodwork, aluminum alloy processing and panel wall processing and research, which has industrialized the whole process from manufacture, installation and site assemblage to be an expert, veteran and leader in interior and exterior decoration, intending to set up a ‘one package service’ company with the business structure occupied by design, installation and material supplyin addition to upgrade the traditional construction technology and process through design, research and development, applying new materials, industrializing manufacture, assembling installation.

Based to upgrade industrial transformation and promote technology, Shenzhuang Group dedicated herself to create a technical manufacture center with environmental protection, elaborate design, mechanizing process, site assemblage and ‘one package service’ on the process of panel wall, lightweight steel  framework, study of woodwork and wooden finish Chizhou Shenzhuang Group Industrial Park, in which she established an innovative combo integrated with manufacture, study and research, cooperating with Hefei College, Nanjing Forestry University etc. And will create more partnership with more universities, aiming at build a high-tech, innovative, research testing and training center.

Shenzhuang Group has been growing a unique corporate culture of her own style in the past 31 yearsand established a culture system of ‘human-based’, ‘green environmental protection’ ‘developing orientation’ since corporate culture becomes the core competitive factor nowdays, for which she has been awarded the ‘Advanced Unit Of National Corporate Culture Construction’, ‘Advanced Unit Of National Corporate Culture Brand’, ‘Top Ten Units Of Shenzhen Corporate Culture Construction’etc..

Believing that the best building decoration with culture, environmental protection and high-technology will become the heritage of history in the near future, Shenzhuang Group presents the masterpiece of decoration in Shenzhen. ‘To be the best’ and ‘mutually profitable’ are the goals of her.

We will provide the heartfelt service to every customer, and will be responsible for you from the beginning to the end.

Shenzhen Building Decoration Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong ICP Preparation of No. 05016715
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